Friday, February 8, 2013

Refashioning a Mink Coat: Part 2

If you remember before the holidays, a client contacted me about making a muff as a Christmas gift out of her mother's mink coat that was languishing in a closet.

As a follow up gift, she then commissioned me to make a stole out of the remaining coat. I used many of the same techniques as I did for the muff -- I drafted the paper pattern first and then hand sewed twill tape to all  raw edges using a catch stitch.  I had to make creative use of the coat to ensure the stole would be long enough, so it's made of 5 panels - a centre panel, 2 "body" panels and 2 side or edge panels.

The stole is lined in black kasia lining.  I tried to use the lining from the jacket, but a couple of small repairs that had been done and the seams I had to go over make it look untidy and ship-shod.

Unlike the first project, I sewed it together using my machine.  To mimic the whipstitch, I used a zigzag stitch and made sure that the right swing of the needle fell off the edge of the seam allowance. 

I was able to make use of some of the original closures should the recipient wish to use them.  I didn't have her measurements, so the placement of them is a wild guess.

Like the last project, this one was a blast and I'm very happy with the outcome!!! 


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