Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I made my first Etsy sale at the beginning of the month -- I was ecstatic!!  Without giving too much away, here they are: 

Sigh, I took this picture in the backyard of our condo in Florida while I was on vacation......

Anyhoo, back to reality.  These are the Human Keep version and are customized with names (not shown) and royal blue lining.    

I've been working away at more customized bags for my friend who is in the process of developing a game and that's been lots of fun.  

Outside of dice bags, design class has been very busy (we're in the process of finalizing our skirt blocks) and I'm in the process of moving the blog over to wordpress, which is taking a little longer than anticipated.  Usually, I try to work on posts and blog material during my lunch at work but wordpress is blocked, which leaves me the evenings when I don't have other commitments or before bed.   I'm hoping this weekend I'll be able to make the full move.  So, if it looks a little wonky in this space, be patient - I'm on it!

Enjoy your night!  

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