Monday, March 4, 2013

Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest, oh my!

As I've been researching all of the things one needs to do to start up a successful business, especially one based online, is to take advantage of all the social media outlets out there. 

Now, I haven't been living under a rock.  I'm a gal in her 30s after all and I know that Facebook and Twitter are all really powerful ways to get your product out there, but whoa, where to start?  Or maybe the real question is: where to stop?  At what point does maintaining a Facebook page or Twitter account become more work than it's "worth"?  

Twitter I can probably do -- I like the character limit and the fact that I can do it from my phone quickly while, I don't know, I'm on the toilet or something.  But Facebook is a different beast entirely.  I used to have a personal Facebook page, but I found that it just succeeded in sucking up my time and, more often than not, I ended up feeling bad about myself because I couldn't help but compare my life with the "lives" posted by my friends.  I know, I know, Facebook users more often than not post the good things going on and not the shit, so it's totally biased, but it is what is.  Anyhoo, I decided there would be no more Facebook and haven't looked back since -- nor have I missed it at all.  But now I'm faced with the prospect of a Facebook business page.

Pinterest, I absolutely cannot do.  I have no willpower to resist all of the fantastic crafts and ideas that look so awesome I MUST DO THEM RIGHT AWAY.  The last thing I need is another hobby or project.  My goal is to master the skill sets I already have.  And finish the projects I've already started ;)

Phew...okay, back on topic.  What are your thoughts on this?  Is it really worthwhile? Do you maintain a Facebook page?   A Twitter account?  Anything I must do to increase traffic and, ultimately, sales?  I watched this set of YouTube videos recently on getting your Etsy shop more traffic and found it really useful.  

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I made my first Etsy sale at the beginning of the month -- I was ecstatic!!  Without giving too much away, here they are: 

Sigh, I took this picture in the backyard of our condo in Florida while I was on vacation......

Anyhoo, back to reality.  These are the Human Keep version and are customized with names (not shown) and royal blue lining.    

I've been working away at more customized bags for my friend who is in the process of developing a game and that's been lots of fun.  

Outside of dice bags, design class has been very busy (we're in the process of finalizing our skirt blocks) and I'm in the process of moving the blog over to wordpress, which is taking a little longer than anticipated.  Usually, I try to work on posts and blog material during my lunch at work but wordpress is blocked, which leaves me the evenings when I don't have other commitments or before bed.   I'm hoping this weekend I'll be able to make the full move.  So, if it looks a little wonky in this space, be patient - I'm on it!

Enjoy your night!  

Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's sweater love

Uhhh, not sure what's with the look on my face...
I cast on for Nanook (Rav link) on Boxing Day and wore it for the first time this week -- I love it!   The fit is great and the yarn so soft and drapey. I used Cephalopod Yarns in their Traveller Base in the Stranger's Home, AK colourway.  A little tidbit about me -- I love purple.  It's the first colour I reach for in a yarn store, so at Rhinebeck when I saw this colour in the Cephalopod booth, I knew I had to have it.  There was only one skein, but one of the workers in the booth was awesome and managed to track down another 3 for me.  This colour has lots of depth, with areas that are almost black and then pops of blue every once in awhile.  I alternated skeins to make sure there was no obvious colour transition and to reduce pooling.  Really, I can't say enough good things about this yarn -- it will be on my list again for Rhinebeck next year too.


The pattern itself is equally as fantastic.  I love that Heidi (the designer) has you do the sleeves immediately after the yoke -- it helps to prevent second sleeve syndrome.  The only modification I made was to make the sweater significantly longer.  I have a long torso, so as a rule of thumb always add a minimum 1" to patterns, but in this case I also wanted to make sure to use all of my pretty yarn:)

Thanks Cephalopod and Heidi!!!